Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays to All! Chef Sandra Mallut and Ingredient Addiction

Chef Sandra Mallut
Culinary Consultant Chef
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with Chef Sandra Mallut

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ingredient Addiction "Salts" Available on NOW! $3.99 ea great Holiday Gifts!! More Issues Soon!


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2017 - Chef Sandra Recommends! Save Money, Go to all the Spots to Dine!

LINK for purchase this is a MUST have book if you travel to Disneyland Resorts and are a "Foodie".

So you ask what does DFB stand for "Disney Food Blog" and you can subscribe to the newsletter that offers deals, information, food pictures, events, new restaurant and themes opening at the parks and resorts and more.

If you have not checked out the Disney Food Blog then you must it really has a lot of fun, interesting, informative, creative, tasty looking ideas and things to do when at Disneyland Resorts.  Make the most of your trip be prepared to eat your way through with advice from Chef Sandra and the Disney Food Blog

For most of us a Disney World vacation represents the kind of financial investment we can’t afford to waste. We drive ourselves crazy worrying that we’re going to have a bust of a vacation — with a big bill to show for it. The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining is here to help!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of the biggest (and most expensive) parts of your trip resolved? To be able to feel 100% confident about your dining decisions? The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World® Dining is designed to make sure that in 24 hours you will be feeling great about your plans. And you’ll have fun getting there.

This book is packed with more than 600 pages of tips and information, but it begins with a 5-step guide designed to get all your major worries out of the way. After that, you’ll get page after page of great info that can help you plan and optimize your dining decisions.

  • Over 600 pages of Disney Dining and Planning information, tips, reviews, and recommendations!
  • An in-depth Disney Dining Restaurant Reviews section, covering all Disney restaurants, food kiosks, bars, and lounges
  • An updated Disney Dining Plan section and price analysis for 2017
  • NEW Disney food and restaurant photos
  • An updated Disney Snacks chapter, including our list of dozens of must-try snacks AND our Top Must-Have Snacks for 2016
  • A comprehensive chapter of What’s New in Disney World in 2017, including new restaurants, menu updates, and more
  • Details about how the My Magic+ Planning System and FastPass+ will affect your vacation planning
  • Our picks for Great Snacks you must try this year
  • Our suggestions for “off the menu” orders you simply have to try
  • A fully updated for 2017 list of the must-do restaurants for Disney World first-timers
  • Recommendations for the best restaurants to book when you have babies and toddlers
  • Scavenger Hunts, Trivia, and Top 5 List updates
  • Bingo Cards
  • Updates on all pertinent facts such as dining hours, prices, resources, phone numbers, and restaurant closures/openings
  • All new restaurant additions, closures, refurbishments, and added dining experiences
  • And much more!

Cheese Talk with Chef Sandra Mallut and Wisconsin Cheese - Tips for Holidays from their Website! Chef Sandra Recommends!

Take a LOOK at what Wisconsin Cheese Sites have to offer so many fun recipes and exciting dishes and cheeses to use during the Holiday Season!

Chef Sandra Recommends!! See all LINKS

Friday, December 2, 2016

Cookbooks to look out for! Great Holiday Ideas to give to the Foodie in your Life Happy Holidays!


So many Cookbooks you can find, information and much more for a great price!
Can have 10 books out at a time and then just keep changing them to new ones

Chef Sandra Recommendation!

Ingredient Addiction S1 Ep 3 Salt with Chef Sandra Mallut TUNE IN and SHARE

Chef Sandra Mallut with foodie partners Scott and Elaine Harris food writers, wine experts, culinary travelers and foodies of the highest degree!  Thank you for watching and the rest of the series is being filmed next year with new guests, new locations and more exciting ingredients to get addicted to.

Chef Sandra's E Cookbooks will be available very soon and all are priced at $3.99 and will correspond with each episode and will have new recipes added, tips, advice, recommendations on products, equipment, travel locations, restaurant openings, cookbooks and more.

Great Holiday Gift for all the Foodies in your life!

Happy Holidays!

Chef Sandra Mallut

Scott and Elaine Harris

Eat Up!!